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The spleen meridian starts at the tip of the great toe

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Spleen Meridian Acu-Points SP21 – Dabao – Chest pain, cough, asthma, aching and weakness of the limbs SP20 – Cough SP19 and SP 18 – Pain in the chest SP17 – Pain in the … Read More

5 Potent Acupressure Points to Treat GERD, Acid Reflux and Heartburn

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No need to rely on antacids and acidity medicines anymore. Now, you can treat heartburn and acid reflux naturally with these effective acupressure points. CV12 CV12 or Conception Vessel 12 is an effective pressure … Read More

5 Best Acupressure Points for Weight Loss at Home

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By following the below Acupressure techniques, the life energy will flow through all the organs, mainly the spleen meridians and the stomach. Also, ensure that you need to apply the pressure on these points. … Read More

6 Best Acupressure Regions to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain:

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Acupressure is a complete healing therapy that is rooted in ancient eastern healing arts which helps in curing the mid and irritating as well as the all-consuming throbbing pains that has become a part … Read More

Acupressure Points For Back Pain and Lower Backaches-P2N

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Back Pain is a very common problem that doesn’t let us go about our daily work. Acupressure is being a fast recognised science due to its natural properties over allopathy and its side effects. … Read More

Acupressure Points for Relieving Sinus and Hay Fever-P2N

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There are the acupressure points for relieving Sinus and Hay Fever. Working on these points can help you get better quicker. You do not have to use all of these points. Using just one … Read More

2 Best Acupressure Points to Relieve Asthma-P2N

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Asthma has become a common condition in the world today. People are diagnosed with asthma at a very young age. It is a common belief that a child affected with asthma will outgrow it … Read More

कब और क्यों ज़रूरी है एक्यूप्रेशर? जानिए इससे जुड़ी खास बातें-P2N

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अधिकांश लोग एक्यूप्रेशर को ‘एक और’ वैकल्पिक चिकित्सा पद्धति से ज्यादा महत्व नहीं देते। कुछ इसके दायरे को मसाज तक सीमित कर देते हैं, तो कुछ इसे खेल के दौरान लगने वाली चोट को … Read More

अगर आप अपने मसूढों में खून आने से परेशान हैं तो रखे इन बातो का ध्यान-P2N

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शरीर को नियमित आहार के साथ विटामिन सी न मिलने पर मसूढे मुलायम व कमजोर पडने लगते हैं जिससे मसूढो से खून,पीब आदी निकलने लगती हैं। विटामिन सी की अधिक कमी के कारण त्वचा … Read More

Acupressure point for the problem of Paralysis-P2N

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1)Acupressure points at all fingers for Paralysis: Paralysis is very hard to treat by acupressure process but in the starting age of paralysis we can treat it also. We have to press all the … Read More

पक्षाघात (लकवा) का एकदम प्रमाणिक और राम-बाण इलाज-P2N

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पक्षाघात (लकवा) या अंग्रेजी में पेरालाइसिस का एकदम प्रमाणिक ओर राम-बाण इलाज । जीवन मे चाहे धन,एश्वर्य,मान,पद, प्रतिष्ठा आदि सभी कुछ हो, परंतु शरीर में बीमारी हैं तो सब कुछ बेकार हैं और जीवन … Read More