Is Winter Over?

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Is Winter Over?

 Preparation for the Construction of Iron Walls around University, Visible Yet Not Seen.

“Be ahead of all departure, as if it were already
behind you, like the winter which is almost over.
For among winters there is one so endlessly winter,
that, wintering through it, may your heart survive.

Be forever dead in Eurydice—, singing ascent,
praising ascent, returning to pure relation.
Here, among the disappearing, be, in the realm of decline,
be the ringing glass that shatters even as it sounds.

Be—and yet know Not-being’s condition,
the infinite ground of your innermost movement,
that you may bring it to completion but this one time.

To that which used-up, as to nature’s abundant
dumb and mute supply, the unsayable sums,
joyfully add yourself and the result destroy.” –Rainer Maria Rilke

Grills and walls are being raised around the university, so high, visible yet not seen, this time for the outcasts so that they can never pass through the universities. The academic council has already constructed an iron wall around North Gate to bar the poor, women, tribals, dalits, muslims, North Easterners and other backwards and outcasts from entering the university premises onwards. Come July when the semester begins, there won’t be anyone with admission folios marked by pains of disappearances to get drenched in rain in this landscape and dream of love, justices, social, political, and economical. Fee hikes (spikes), high viva voce marks (cutting throat), courses taught at gunpoints. Have we lost the right to universities?

Yes. Definitely. Can it be reversed? This is a question of dignity and history. Yes, this is a question of dignity.

Dignity stripped of its skin, carcasses lay bare around the bougainvilleas devoured by the mercenaries of the ruling class and its outfits. Races, tribes, histories, and genealogies will never find a place in this landscape for a long time to come. Are we the last generation of barefoot, unclothed, vagabonds, poor and wretched roaming around, thinking, and groaning in pain around the universities after midnight? Perhaps, Yes. Our shadows too would be wiped out in the course of this flow of time. These policies designed for the university by our new bloodthirsty mercenaries are not policies but brutal crackdown on the bodies already suffering from the bruises of history. We do not know how much fee has been hiked but we do know for sure that in this fee hike we will be razed to the dust and our struggles and dreams of social justices will be wiped out from these rocks. We must call for an uncompromising disobediences and resistances when the ruling class bereft of shame and guilt is turning universities into graveyards of deaths and disappearances (actual and deaths and disappearances to come).

9 suspended students of JNU spoke to media at Press Club of India

Our own fellow student was made to disappear which still haunts us, days and nights when we are alone. Our own senior fellow student’s death in Brahmaputra Hostel room, the smell of the cadaver is still pressing around our nostrils. We might ask what these deaths, suicides (R.V.) and disappearance has to do with us when we are talking about Viva Voce marks, fee hikes, grills, walls, etc.? They died or were made to disappear for very reasons that reason does not have an answer. After Najeeb we are disappearing too and these disappearances are not imaginary, but actual, real and material and outcast students to come in this university is already being made to disappear from admission lists. If this is not collective disappearance of students as a community then what is? They died (R.V) and disappeared (Najeeb) bereft of love, care, clothing, housing, dignity and education from within the premises of the universities.  And we have a bloody fucking ‘responsible’ students’ union which just sleeps around like a waxed statue before the university’s statutes and we hope that they wake up someday when all has been lost.

Are we ready to welcome our new semesters with high viva voce, fee hikes, new courses and Najeeb still missing? If yes, we should lockdown our fucking students’ union office first as there is no point in having a union which speaks our master’s voice and show an exit route to this bugger V.C.

This pamphlet is not merely another routine political exercise but a humble call from one student, already dying to another, for preparations for battles to come. There are more disappearances to come, more exiles to follow, one to another. Rilke says, “Be ahead of all departures, as if it were already behind you, like the winter which is almost over”. ‘Even the dead will not be safe from the enemy if he wins,’ a dying philosopher’s thesis says.


 From the Dairy of a Philosopher Student  Shakeel Anjum, Research Scholar Jnu.

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